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Referral FormsPlease contact us at 800-366-1740 or 504-734-1740 to speak with a master’s-level admissions counselor. River Oaks Hospital offers free assessments with admission 24 hours a day, 7days a week.

River Oaks Hospital accepts most insurance and managed care plans, TRICARE®, Medicare and Medicaid for children and adolescents. Our staff will be happy to investigate insurance benefits or private payment options, as well as negotiate a case rate with a company with which the hospital is not affiliated.

For admission to The New Orleans Institute for Trauma-Based Disorders or The Eating Disorders Treatment Center, one must have their primary therapist complete the appropriate Intake Form which is available online or by contacting the admissions department. The clinical information will be reviewed by the primary treatment team to determine if the patient meets clinical criteria for inpatient admission.

Upon arrival to the hospital, the client will be assessed by a clinician in the admissions department to provide additional information which may be relevant to treatment. The admissions packet will be signed with a hospital staff member, and upon receipt of the admission orders from the accepting physician, the individual will be shown to the assigned unit and room. Accommodations are semi-private (2 patients per room) with a shared bath in between two suites. The unit staff will begin orienting the new client to the program, and various clinical evaluations will begin.

An individual who is preparing for admission to River Oaks may bring the following items:

If you have specific questions regarding The New Orleans Institute or The Eating Disorders Treatment Center at River Oaks or would like to begin the admission process, please contact us.