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Referral Information for Our Psychiatric Hospital

Admissions to The New Orleans Institute and The Eating Disorders Treatment Center at River Oaks Hospital are scheduled for male and female patients if they meet the clinical and medical criteria that both our treatment teams and their insurance companies deem necessary. Certain medications, medical complications and substance abuse issues could delay or prevent an admission. Both of these programs are highly cognitive and require a high degree of focus to attain treatment goals. Listed below are items to keep in mind while patients are seeking care in The New Orleans Institute or The Eating Disorders Treatment Center.

Referral Forms are available below or by request. They should be completed by a member of the candidate’s outpatient treatment team (i.e.: physician, therapist, case manager, nutritionist, social worker). These forms were created as a best practice from over 20 years of providing care. Each line item is important for the treatment teams to help better understand the candidate’s needs and our ability to meet them.

New Orleans Institute Patient Referral form

Eating Disorders Treatment Center Clinical Intake form

Incomplete forms may delay a complete review and response about appropriateness of admission to either of these programs.

Once the forms are completed, please fax them to (504) 733-3229.

Questions, changes and additions to the form are best sent via email to [email protected].

Patients must have an outpatient therapist and physician prior to admission to ensure a successful discharge plan. In the case of The Eating Disorder s Treatment Center we also recommend a nutritionist.

Patients must have a safe home to return to post discharge.

The average length of stay for each program is 30 days, yet always depends upon the patient’s clinical needs, presentation and progress towards goals. Although this average is longer than most acute care facilities, our specialty unit programs are still a part of the inpatient network at River Oaks Hospital; therefore, inpatient security standards and observation rounds apply.