River Oaks Hospital


Addictive Disorders / Dual Diagnosis Program

The Addictive Disorders/Dual Diagnosis Program at River Oaks Hospital is designed to treat individuals with alcohol or drug related problems and psychiatric issues. When addictive behavior and mental illness create problems that prohibit the patient and family from functioning, River Oaks Hospital provides a comprehensive program to assist in stabilizing the situation.

A 12-step recovery program provides a framework for addiction treatment while a multidisciplinary treatment approach is utilized to address any mental health concerns. The addiction treatment team includes psychiatrists, addictionists, social workers, registered nurses, certified substance abuse counselors and activity therapists. This approach optimizes success by bringing a diversity of perspectives to the forefront of treatment.

Addiction treatment includes a combination of individual, group and family therapies facilitated by qualified professionals. The treatment team’s focus is helping the patient recognize his or her behavior patterns and developing healthier ways of relating to and coping with stress. Group therapy facilitates the sharing of feelings and experiences with others who have similar problems. Pertinent issues related to addictive disorders such as shame, grief, anger, control and trust are comprehensively addressed.

Emphasis is placed on education, addressing all aspects of the addictive process, including the disease concept, family issues, and relapse prevention strategies. The treatment program incorporates a strong emphasis on discharge planning and aftercare.

Treatment Components: