River Oaks Hospital


Therapeutic School Program

River Oaks Hospital is now an affiliate site for the Special School Programs (SSP) for the Louisiana Department of Education, with year-round schooling for those on the Adolescent Unit. This feature is especially important for those 17 and under who have placement issues, who are court ordered/ judicially committed and may require competency restoration.

The individualized education our children and adolescents receive from a certified teacher and para-educator is a ratio that is hard to find within any typical school system. Children and adolescents will not be classified as absent from their regular school year while receiving treatment at River Oaks, and learning skills to incorporate the daily stressors of school with their treatment can help to minimize the risk of re-hospitalization.

Monday through Friday – 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
January – December
Public School Curriculum

Self Awareness
Process Groups
Activity Therapy

Nutrition & Gardening