River Oaks Hospital


Trauma-Based Mental Disorders (The New Orleans Institute)

Special Patients, Special Care

Since 1989, thousands of individuals from the U.S., Canada, Europe and South America have received the specialized care offered at River Oaks Hospital, in a non-threatening and safe therapeutic environment. Specialized treatment is available for individuals suffering from trauma-based mental disorders (childhood or adult onset), compulsive behaviors, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress. Impaired Professional evaluations are available for compulsive-behavior disorders.  Specialized treatment is also available for active duty members of the military and their families.

Many individuals require specialized intensive inpatient treatment when outpatient and inpatient stabilization programs have been unsuccessful in containing self-destructive symptoms. The New Orleans Institute Programs offer seven-day-a-week specialized treatment within a supportive environment. Our multidisciplinary treatment team has almost 25 years of experience in the stabilization of a broad spectrum of trauma-related symptoms including depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, dissociation, somatic distress, self-injury, and relational issues.

Intensive psychotherapy (individual and group interventions) is used for the stabilization of depression, anxiety, and addictions as well as to identify and provide resolution to the cycles of self-destructive behaviors, dissociation, and relationship difficulties. The mental health programs also facilitate the resolution of long-term developmental deficits and blocks manifested as personality disorders. Specialized treatment for trauma based eating disorders, chronic chemical dependency and sexual compulsivity is also available. The programs address life-interfering, relationship-interfering and therapy-interfering behaviors with an emphasis on relapse prevention utilizing adaptive coping responses.

Patients receive a full day of treatment services for their mental disorders within the structure of a safe and trusting therapeutic community. Our goal is to provide a respectful, protected and empowering environment in which patients can pursue the work of healing.

Renowned, Specialized Treatment Team

Our multidisciplinary team has more than 25 years of experience and our staff members are well known across the country for their expertise. The treatment team includes psychiatrists and other medical doctors, psychologists, master’s level social workers, dietitians, psychiatric nurses, counselors, and expressive therapists.  Each professional is highly trained and skilled in the treatment and management of individuals with trauma related issues, compulsive behaviors and eating disorders. An environment is established within which patients, with the assistance of the clinical team, can successfully work to regain control of their lives.


We are dedicated to providing a safe, non-revictimizing, healthy environment to allow individuals to heal. Each patient is treated with respect and compassion in an intensive program that effectively combines psychotherapy and pharmacology within a therapeutic community.


Many alumni send us letters of appreciation or updates regarding their recovery. Read the most recent note we received – a poem about recovery from a former patient.