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Facility Admissions Overview

For questions regarding the programs or the admission process to River Oaks Hospital, please contact us at 800-366-1740 or 504-734-1740 to speak with an admissions counselor. River Oaks Hospital offers no-cost assessments 24 hours a day.

River Oaks Hospital accepts most insurance and managed care plans as well as TRICARE®, V.A. Benefits, Medicare, and Louisiana Medicaid (for most of our inpatient programs). Our staff will be happy to verify insurance benefits or review private payment options.

Upon arrival at our mental health facility, the client will be assessed by a clinician in the admissions department and will provide additional information relevant to their treatment. The admissions packet will be reviewed and signed with a hospital staff member. Upon receipt of the admission orders from the accepting physician, the client will be shown to their assigned unit and room. Accommodations are semi-private (two patients per room) with a shared bath in between two suites.

If the client is working with an outpatient therapist or physician, it is beneficial for the hospital staff to be notified of this to ensure a successful discharge plan. Please keep in mind that we cannot communicate with anyone outside of River Oaks Hospital without the signed consent of our patients or their legal guardians.

Admission Process for Trauma Program and Eating Disorders Program

Admissions to The New Orleans Institute and The Eating Disorders Treatment Center at River Oaks Hospital are scheduled to ensure our patients receive the best care possible within the scope of services we provide. If you have specific questions regarding The New Orleans Institute or The Eating Disorders Treatment Center at River Oaks Hospital, or would like to begin the admission process, please see our referral information and access our referral form.