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Adolescent Psychiatric Program

Adolescent Psychiatric Program

Adolescent Psychiatric Program

The inpatient mental health services for adolescents at River Oaks Hospital are specifically designed to meet the needs of patients ages 12–17 experiencing serious behavioral disturbances or an inability to function at home or school.

The ultimate goal of treatment is to stabilize the immediate crisis and to enable the patient to return to their community with skills to promote personal and emotional development, relationship building, and independence.

Psychiatric treatment consists primarily of group, family, and individual therapies. Family members are encouraged to address problems and frustrations that have contributed to the current crisis to open new lines of communication. This helps develop a better-adjusted family unit upon discharge.

The Adolescent Program utilizes the peer group and places the focus of treatment on helping the adolescent develop a positive self-image and appropriate social and communication skills. The treatment team emphasizes the importance of learning to accept responsibility for individual behavior and developing healthy modes of interaction with others.

  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Family, group, and individual therapy
  • Medication management
  • Educational modules-social skills training, problem-solving, and anger management
  • Specialized groups addressing issues of sexual abuse, aggression, and substance abuse
  • Art, music, and play therapies
  • Discharge planning and communication with outpatient treatment team
  • Special School Program is housed at River Oaks for adolescents ages 12–17

Calls are accepted 24 hours a day. For information, or to schedule a no-cost assessment, contact the Assessment and Referral Department at 504-734-1740 or 800-366-1740.