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Adult Psychiatric Program

Adult Psychiatric Program

The Adult Psychiatry Program at River Oaks Hospital offers a comprehensive treatment approach to stabilizing acute psychiatric problems in adults. The program is equipped to address a multitude of psychiatric illnesses, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and chronic mental illness on an inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient basis.

With our psychiatric programs, patients in crisis will find a safe and structured environment that offers compassion and hope. A multidisciplinary treatment team comprised of physicians, nurses, and activities therapists initiate an individualized treatment plan with a special emphasis placed on medication management, as well as individual, group, and family therapy.

The ultimate goal of inpatient treatment programs is to stabilize the immediate crisis and enable the patient to return to their community with skills to promote personal and emotional development, relationship building, and independence.

In order to reduce the need for future hospitalization, proper discharge planning is a priority. The staff works towards identifying and coordinating community resource support and aftercare services, such as outpatient programs, to assist each patient in meeting their goals. Whenever possible, and clinically appropriate, a patient’s family is engaged in the therapeutic process. Family or social support involvement is seen as being a critical issue in the area of relapse prevention.

Adult Psychiatric Treatment Programs components include:

  • Multidisciplinary assessment
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Specialized groups focused on art, music, and recreational therapies
  • Discharge planning and collaboration with community mental health care providers